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Loyalty Cards Are Popular Because They Work!

Did you know the average US consumer is signed up to at least 10 loyalty/rewards programs? Why? Because they are an effective method of getting and keeping loyal customers. The biggest challenge with loyalty programs is that everyone wants to have their own program. Consumers love loyalty programs but are growing weary of what to do with all of the cards.

What if you could create a loyalty program that didn't require having a separate card for every program yet had the ability to be customized to fit every businesses needs, Whether it is a book store that wants to create a discount program that rewards repeat purchases. Or a department store that wants to create multiple and varied strategies customized for each department with combination's of discounts, points, rewards and cross selling promotions among the various departments. 

Simple or complex, any way you want to slice it. This platform will let you do virtually anything you can dream up. As a Gift & Loyalty card program you can create a program that is:
  • Cumulative - Where a customer spends a certain amount over a period of time and they get some kind of incentive (you decide that, could be $25.00 credit on their account for example) if they spend $100 or $5,000 (you decide)
  • Points to Dollars or Dollars to Points - Where you put a value on transactions or products (one point per dollar spent or ten points per $100 or whatever you decide) that convert to “points” or after a certain amount of points you give them an option for dollars or product
  • Percentage Loyalty - Where you can provide a discount over a specific period of time. Example “1 Day Only Sale With Your Loyalty Card, All Old Items, 10% off”
  • Product/Service Specific Loyalty - Where you can provide incentive on specific products. Example, if you buy a specific product/service, we give x% off or x points or x dollars to your account.
  • Threshold Loyalty - Similar to cumulative, but in single transactions – example, where if in one transaction consumer spends $150, they get an automatic X% off next purchase, or points, or a credit on their account, etc…
  • Swipe & Win Feature - Quickly add and delete swipe & win promotions to take advantage of local events
  • Gift & Stored Value Cards
  • Prepaid
  • Product specific
  • Reload-able
  • Multi-Currency & International - US $, Canadian $, UK £
  • Custom - Where you can customize your program, mix and match the above. Example, “If you spend $50.00 today, on a particular item, you get an additional 10% off your next visit, at this location only”

As you can see, just about every possible combination of reward has been accommodated within this platform.  Now you can customize a loyalty and rewards card program that will fit your unique  marketing style. Even more importantly, your customer will not need to have different cards for different stores. One card does it all.

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